Class of 2014

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can i buy clomid over the counter in south africa Some say that the secret to success in life is being prepared when opportunity presents itself.

For seniors in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, this year is about making choices that enable you to fulfill the deepest capacities of your potential.

The time to start focusing on your future is right now. Make it a priority to set realistic goals, along with taking the necessary steps in order to achieve them. Always remember that failure doesn’t lie in not reaching our goal, it lies in having no goal to reach.

Understanding the importance of good decision-making is a key element when approaching future endeavors. I am a real-life example if you don’t make good decisions. I drove drunk and it cost someone else their life.

I’ve come to believe that destiny is a matter of choice. It can all come down to preparation or poor judgment. One will arm you with the ability to capitalize on opportunity, while the other can land you a ‘scholarship to prison.’

Which will you choose? Good luck class of 2014.

~ Chad Mattson

As seen in the Pensacola News Journal