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how to buy topamax online Faith……It’s that mystical, unseen power, that transforms things desired, into things possessed. It instructs on how to pray, not for challenges equal to your abilities, but for abilities equal to your challenges. When you have faith, there are never any questions. When you don’t have it, there are never any answers. Faith’s existence is heavily dependent on your soul’s ability to keep it fueled with courage and patience. Only by blinding the eyes of reason, you will ever see it. With it, you will no longer ask God to remove the things that are breaking your heart, because faith tells you to start removing the things that break his. Faith is knowing that every trial and tribulation you face is simply the unavoidable beginning of a blessing. It shows you that even a nightmare, like prison, can become the one nightmare you’re most thankful for. A vow to satisfy my debt to society, not with a prison sentence, but with a lifetime dedication to impacting lives, is a payment faith enables me to make, without ever asking for a receipt. I once read, that patience with others is what we call ‘love,’ and this same patience with yourself is called ‘hope.’ If that’s the case, then having patience with God and trusting that life is unfolding exactly as he designed it, can only be called one thing…’faith.’

~Chad Mattson