I CHOSE Banner at Tate High School

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I CHOSE Banner at Tate High School

buying Quetiapine online The I CHOSE banner was hung at Tate High today for the kids to sign and committ to not drinking and driving at prom this weekend. They were very excited about it and wanted to talk about it after I shared Chad’s story with them. I will post pictures next week of the sign. For those of you new to Chad’s writings and mission, I am going to repost the commitment he wrote for the students to take.

“I CHOSE”…What does this phrase mean to me? Sadly, it is razor-wired fences and gun towers, it is strip searches and lock downs. It is being told when to eat, shower, and even sleep. It means referring to criminals as roommates. It is sleepless nights missing your family and friends. It is, 5,000 days of your life inside the worst place you would ever want to live: PRISON…in one word…it is a NIGHTMARE. You see, I chose this way of life for myself when I made the choice to drink and drive…a choice that cost someone else their life. But this phrase does not have to mean the same thing for YOU!!

The vision of “I CHOSE” is that of a powerful movement, one that symbolizes the ultimate demonstration of personal commitment and self-accountability. At the heart of it all, it represents one of the easiest, yet most important of decisions you could ever make. This is a life-long pledge to NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To my deepest regrets, it is the exact same pledge that I failed to make. Life can come down to just a simple pause, the second before we act, that can save us from a LIFETIME of consequences and heartache. This is your moment to say “I CHOSE”…right here and right now; take this pledge and feel proud knowing that you have made a commitment that will ensure that YOUR life never ends up like mine!

“I CHOSE”??? I guess the real question is: What will this mean to you?… The choice is yours!