Parents, Protect Young Drivers From Texting

go 0 Comments (Pensacola News Journal 9/5/2014)

buy propecia online japan Ask any parent with a teenager, what their greatest concern is when it comes to their child, and the answer is almost always the same: their safety. In a world that now revolves around a social media universe, powered by the technology-advanced smart phone, parents are able to keep tabs on their kids in ways unimaginable to parents from previous generations.

But, with instant connectivity always at our fingertips, a distraction-filled world is just an everyday part of life. Today, the leading cause of crashes for drivers of all ages is “distracted driving”, which is defined as talking or texting while behind the wheel. When it comes to fatal crashes involving teens, it’s responsible for 11% of them.

Now, what if I said that it’s actually the teens parents who are the distraction? A new study revealed more than half of the teens who talked on the phone while driving, talked to mom or dad.
Every parent will always do anything and everything to keep their child safe, but monitoring safety at the risk of distraction, is like trying to save a forest by cutting down trees. The problem is never the solution.

~Chad Mattson