Ready or Not, 2014 Is Here

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phone number to buy viagra Ready or not, 2014 is here, and with it comes the infinite possibility of new changes, new opportunities, and new blessings. I think we all share one major commonality between us, and that’s living with an inner hope that something better is to come. This is the year of brand-new experiences, and in order to get something new, we must be willing to let go of the old. We can’t compare this year with last year, or any other year from the past. The past will always be the way it was, so let’s not waste another moment trying to change it. We can’t change the fact that people act a certain way. We can’t change the reality that so much of this life will always be beyond our control. The time is now, for us to become overly focused on the things in our life that we CAN change. Maybe it’s time to change how we think, and even the way we love. Let’s do everything we can to make a difference, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others as well. How about we change the way we pray. Let’s talk to God with our eyes on him, instead of on our struggles. Let’s work on who and what we are, and continue growing into the best of what we can become. We have to stop looking at things and asking, “Why?”, and begin looking at these same things and ask, “Why not?”. We should always set personal goals that promote progressive changes in our lives, but in doing so, it’s vital that we remain true to who we are at heart. We can’t ever make alterations to our integrity, just so we can fit this year’s fashion. Instead of changing the things about us that make us authentic, let’s modify our attitude toward the things happening inside of us, as well as around us. Remember that EVERYTHING is possible until proven otherwise, and even then, the impossible may only be that way for the moment. The arrival of 2014 marks the beginning of a brand-new year, but more importantly, it can be a brand-new life, one that’s equipped with a brand-new attitude, that can make dreams become brand-new realities… But, that is only for you to decide. Here’s to the best year of our lives.

-Chad Mattson