Self Control

enter 0 Comments John Milton used his best words to paint one of the most mentally vivid portraits of SELF CONTROL, and the influential prowess it brings to the life of the one who masters it.  He said, ‘He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a King.’  Here’s the problem though:  there has always been this major misconception surrounding the idea of power, and what it truly represents.  We have a natural tendency to believe that it is achieved by gaining control over another, and to a certain degree, it is.  But this is a far cry from absolute power, and to accept this, is to end your ascent on the climb to it’s highest peak.  A place where your vision is cleared, allowing you to see it, in it’s purest form.  You discover what having power really means.  This is the moment you master the art of SELF CONTROL.  In order to get here, we have to first come to a realization,  that before we can ever be superior to anything external, we must master our internal self.  We have to think about self control, in the same way a defensive back thinks on the football field.  But, we’re not intercepting passes, we’re picking off the communication happening between our mind and our senses.  This is a challenge that is both simplistic, and highly complex: developing a discipline which allows us to put temptation aside, when responsibility demands all of our faculties.  It shows us that freedom isn’t acquired by enjoying a particular desire to the fullest, it’s acquired only by having control over that desire.  On a personal level, operating with more self control, has been saving grace.  No longer is it necessary to ‘wear my heart on my sleeve,’ because self control, has made me understand that in my chest is where it belongs.  It’s a distinguishing quality that instructs me on how to be my best friend, instead of my own worst enemy.  It’s completely transformed my perception.  A prison became a sanctuary, a nightmare turned into a blessing, and pain evolved into progession.  Yes, John Milton’s words were dead on.  Reign within yourself, and you are more than a King.  I have more self control today, than I’ve ever had before, and regardless of this environment, and these circumstances, I know that even a prisoner can sit on a throne, and be his own King.  

Chad Mattson                                                                                                                                                                                   Milton, Florida