Wasted Worries

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a knockout post Have you ever thought about all of the time and energy we spend, stressing and worrying about things that are of no importance? What’s worse is that we even go to the extent of anticipating future misfortunes that may never happen, causing us to endure sorrows that exist only within our mind. In order to eliminate this habit of worrying, we have to first accept two realities:

  1. FAILURE is unavoidable, but it is just a stepping-stone to success;
  2. Getting hurt (both emotionally and physically) will happen at times in our life.

Remind yourself, that these are naturally occurring processes in the cycle of life, yet it is in our nature to try and avoid and resist them. This only results in more unnecessary, self-inflicted suffering. I have learned to embrace the difficult times in life, because it’s during these times that I am reminded of how beautiful life is, and how blessed I truly am. Look at it like this…when we worry, it is like we are paying interest on trouble, before it is due. Life is not about living with a head full of anxiety-fueled thoughts. Not when we can just as easily use the same amount of energy to generate a more positive way of thinking; with a greater focus on all the happiness that is still to come! Remember…if you are going to dwell on something, at least let it be on something that makes you feel good. If your problems aren’t worth praying about, they are not worth worrying about!